Patients Recruited to Parkinson’s Research Study

Well done to our neurology research team, who have successfully recruited more patients to a Parkinson’s research study than any other site in the UK, and are the 5th highest recruiting centre out of 54 centres worldwide.

Dr Jane Alty, consultant neurologist at Leeds General Infirmary, and Principal Investigator said, ‘This is a wonderful achievement for the neurology department in Leeds and has given our patients the opportunity to take part in an important clinical trial. It has only been made possible through the hard work and dedication of all the team – especially the research nurses, neurology consultants and registrars and the Parkinson’s specialist nurses.’

Josephine Harrison and Louise Pawson are the lead research nurses on the study which assesses a new formulation of a Parkinson’s drug called apomorphine that is given as a dissolvable strip under the tongue rather than an injection, as normally given.

The study is part of the NIHR portfolio and part of the Yorkshire Brain Research Centre’s strategy to increase the number of research studies being undertaken into neurological disorders in Leeds and the local area.

Pictured are Dr Butterworth, Josephine Harrison (research nurse), Dr Alty (Principal Investigator), Dr Shanmugarajah, Philippa Duggan-Carter (PDNS), Eve Sacre (Trial Assistant).
Other team members not present on photo: Louise Pawson, Dr Yasiry, Dr Weerasinghe, Dr Jamieson, Caroline Arnold.